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CTG Circular provides a sustainable solution for your ICT hardware and data. We take care of the entire process: we collect, wipe and restore your not-so-old desktop, notebook and mobile device to give it a second life both for marketing and donation.

If your device is beyond economic repair, we properly recycle it with as little waste as possible. At CTG Circular, we want to do the right thing by society and the environment. Because we strongly believe circular thinking is the more natural way of organizing society.

CTG Circular

About us

CTG Circular, with decades of experience, is one of the most longstanding professional service firms in the ITAD business (IT Asset Disposition). Over the years, we acquired all major and critical environmental, data protection, health safety and other business critical quality and ISO certifications that you may expect from us.

CTG Circular was introduced during the summer of 2019. The company was acquired from Arrow as a way to insource the IT asset disposal business of Close the Gap Int.. CTG Circular is active in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, and across Europe for multi-country customers.

CTG Circular closely works together with other experienced ITAD businesses globally who share the values and vision of CTG Circular and are mutually reinforcing.

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How we do IT



We collect all your IT hardware, quick and without any quantity restrictions for all companies within the Benelux.


Remarket, donate or recycle

We are your partner to maximize the value of your old IT equipment, with zero landfill impact.


Data erasure

We implement a certified data wiping method designed to protect your data and assets.

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