Your computer's journey through our warehouse

The moment decommissioned IT material arrives in our warehouse is the start of an interesting journey through our operations.
After we have picked up the IT material from our client’s offices or warehouse, it arrives in our production hall located in Mechelen. With around 1500m² of production area, the CTG Circular warehouse can comfortably stock a large number of IT devices and process other equipment at the same time. We also make no distinction in the material that we collect: whether it’s regular desktops and laptops, or mobility devices such as tablets and mobile phones, we collect all professionally used ICT equipment to give it a second life.

“Did you know that pick-up of ICT material is free of charge for our clients? With this service, we want to make IT disposal as easy as possible for you!”

One of the most important steps a device has to go through in our warehouse is the data wipe. Through the use of Blancco software, we guarantee a 100% thorough and secure data wipe of all equipment that enters our facility. In case of issues, the hard disk is completely destroyed so no data is recoverable. CTG Circular always provides its clients with a Data Destruction Certificate, so there is never any doubt whether the data is erased according to international standards and protocols.
Once all the data is erased, the IT devices are ready for the next stage of their journey through CTG Circular. Sometimes, repairs are necessary before the computers or other equipment can begin their second lifetime. With the expertise and experience of our operational team, these repairs are done by our skilled technicians.
If required, we are also able to install Microsoft licenses on the refurbished devices. As a Microsoft  authorised refurbisher, CTG Circular can turn second-hand IT equipment into high-performing devices, ready to live a valuable second life. To make the circle complete, we package the refurbished equipment and send it to its new owners, either through re-marketing or for purpose and impact-driven projects in association with Close the Gap. For more information about these projects and about what Close the Gap does, visit their website here.
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