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We help your business reduce its societal and environmental footprint

At CTG circular we believe in doing the right thing by society and the environment. We want to be a forerunner in the circular way of organizing society. CTG circular is an impact business delivering circular solutions to help your business reduce its societal and environmental footprint.

That is why we look for sustainable solutions for all your IT equipment. We specialize in collecting, wiping and restoring your not-so-old computers, laptops and mobile devices on the basis of very high quality and security standards. CTG circular gives your IT equipment an extended useful lifecycle to reduce IT waste.

CTG circular provides a full technology lifecycle service and solution. We specialize in reverse logistics, IT asset management, supply chain optimization and data security. We are your partner to uncover hidden value in your technology supply chain and to increase sustainability at the end of the technology product lifecycle – or what we believe the start of its new lifecycle.

We partner with Close The Gap to give computers, laptops and mobility devices a second life through educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries. Our clients are free to choose to work with Close the Gap, based on their own social and civic programme and in line with their commercial and financial objectives. Naturally, we encourage a collaboration with Close the Gap, which has proven its social added value for 15 years, is a forerunner in the reduction of electronic waste in Sub-Saharan Africa and supports local projects in more than 15 countries throughout the African continent.

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