There is still a popular belief that says that refurbished computers are just used or old ones going from one owner to the next. While it’s true that refurbished devices are by definition secondhand, there is still a large difference between ‘used and old’ on the one hand and ‘refurbished’ on the other hand. Below, we’ll explain the important differences.
Step 1: minimum specifications
The first misconception about refurbished ICT material lies often in that it is seen as old and less qualitative material. At CTG Circular, we therefore adhere to a set of minimum specifications. All material that we collect has to comply with these specifications, to ensure that our customers who’ll receive the material after refurbishment will receive qualitative material.
Step 2: data wipe
All the computers, laptops, switches, tablets, routers, smartphones,… that enter our warehouse will be wiped of all their data. This step is essential to guarantee a safe and secure handling of all ICT assets, both for clients that trust us with their material and customers that will receive the refurbished devices.
Credit: Louis Lammertyn
                                                                                          Picture credit: Louis Lammertyn
Step 3: repairs and classification
When repairs are needed, the skilled technicians at CTG Circular carry these out. All devices are classified according to their traces of usage, both inside and outside. A-grade devices are in a condition ‘as good as knew’ without traces of usage. B-grade devices have minor traces of usage such as a little scratch. C+-grade devices have some larger traces of usage but no deficiencies, while C-grade devices have a defect, for example a USB-port that doesn’t function. Anything lower than C-grade will not be made available for re-use.
Step 4: reporting
Another important aspect of refurbished devices that pass through our CTG Circular warehouse is the reporting our clients receive. For every IT asset that a company entrusts us with, we deliver status reporting – to transparently communicate what has entered our warehouse and when – and a data destruction certification – with which companies can be assured that none of their date remains on the devices. In the near future, we also plan to add a comprehensive CO2 reporting, to display how many CO2 emissions were avoided by refurbishing a laptop or other ICT device.
Credit Louis Lammertyn
                                                                                                  Picture credit: Louis Lammertyn
Step 5: new destination
A refurbished computer would not be a very useful one if it isn’t destined to end up with a new owner. And this new owner can be completely sure that he or she receives a qualitative and performing device, because of all the high standards and regulations that we adhere to at CTG Circular. These standards and procedures distinguish our refurbished devices from other secondhand or ‘used’ computers.
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