E-waste is one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards. As the number of technological devices increases every day, so does the number of non-functioning and broken electronics. These devices often end up – in the best case – lying in someone’s drawer for years, while others end up on e-waste piles in emerging and developing countries.
Is there a solution?
So, what can we do to avoid these e-waste piles from growing larger every day? One aspect is of course recycling of these electronics, so that precious materials and hazardous elements are treated in a sustainable way, which is not harmful to the environment. But there is another way that we can treat these used ICT materials, many of which are still functioning.
And that’s where refurbishers like CTG Circular enter the picture. We collect all kinds of ICT equipment from companies and organisations to refurbish them and to give them a valuable second life, with zero landfill impact. This way, we contribute to a sustainable solution to the growing e-waste problem.
Among others, we also collect mobile phones and tablets. Just like their bigger electronic counterparts – laptops and desktop computers – mobile devices can be perfectly refurbished. So, instead of just laying old phones in a cupboard the next time your employees receive a new one, just contact us, so we can give your old but still functioning mobile devices a second life: www.ctgcircular.com/contact.

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