There exist a lot of myths and misconceptions about refurbished ICT material. While many people might still believe that refurbished electronics are less qualitative than new devices, it’s time to bust this myth, along with a few others.
Why do these myths exist?
It’s often all too easy to write off refurbished computers and other ICT material as less powerful, slower, and more prone to break down. However, these misconceptions about refurbished electronics often stem from a lack of familiarity with such devices or a lack of knowledge about the process electronics have to go through before being reused. Another source of the distrust some people feel towards refurbished material is the concern of the safety of data. Whether it’s one’s own or other people’s data on a computer meant for reuse, data is a sensitive issue. However, at CTG Circular we can assure all our clients that the devices they send to us to be refurbished are thoroughly wiped of all data, according to international standards.
With one myth helped out of the world, what about some other false beliefs attached to refurbished ICT equipment?
Myth: all refurbished devices are essentially devices that have reached the end of their useful life
Fact: Only a small percentage of the computers that CTG Circular receives to be refurbished can be labelled as so-called ‘scrap’. First of all, this scrap material will not be reused but recycled properly. Secondly, the majority of equipment that reaches our warehouse is qualitative material of just a few years old. In other words, after refurbishment and data wipe, this material is perfectly able to live a valuable second  lifetime.
Myth: refurbished computers are always flawed
Fact: Refurbished devices are labelled according to their state and usage marks. They are marked from ‘as good as new’ to ‘traces of use’. While an occasional small scratch on the back of the device can be present, or the battery may not live as long as a new one without being attached to a power source, the material is in perfect working condition.
Myth: refurbished devices only belong in schools or libraries
Fact: While schools (both in Europe and in emerging countries) form one audience that we send refurbished material to, we also have two other possible new destinations for these computers. One of these is bringing them back on the market through resellers and second-hand ICT shops. The other one is redeploying them in organisations and companies (sometimes even the company that brought them in to be refurbished in the first place).
All in all is opting for a refurbished computer, smartphone or laptop a choice that is not only economically interesting, but also has a positive societal and environmental impact. By choosing for CTG Circular, both for the refurbishing of your company’s devices as for the buying of material, you can be assured of secure data wipe, professional refurbishment and a positive outcome, with zero-landfill impact.

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