With the first month of the new year behind us, let’s have a look at what we did in 2020 and at how we aim to continue our work in 2021. We have a long track record in the IT Asset Disposition business and that leads to some very interesting numbers for the year 2020.
In total, we processed 117 000 items in our warehouse. Every day, we process around 400 to 500 ICT devices, ranging from laptops, mobile phones and tablets to servers and desktop computers.
During the last four months of the year, we provided around 10 000 IT assets to projects such as Close the Gap, Close the Gap Kenya and Digital for Youth.be. All these projects have in common that they aim to bridge the digital divide and offer qualitative ICT equipment to children and adults who otherwise won’t have access to this.
In these past four months, we processed 40 000 items. This means – in other words – that one in four devices was sent to an impact-oriented project.
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