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Collection - Remarket, donate or recycle - Data erasure



We collect all your IT hardware, quick and without any quantity restrictions for all companies within the Benelux.

We take care of all your IT hardware: computers, laptops and mobile devices. You can always deliver your end-of-life IT equipment free to us, or we can collect it for you depending on quantity and time. Give us a shout and we find a solution.


Remarket, donate or recycle

CTG circular is your partner to maximize the value of your old IT equipment, with zero landfill impact. We are fully dedicated to remarket and recovering the value of not-so-old IT devices. Together with you, we look for a new owner. We provide 3 solutions:


  • We refurbish IT equipment to maximize its potential sales price
  • We ensure a broader customer reach through global remarketing channels and our e-commerce expertise
  • We provide flexible settlement options
  • We assist in employee purchase programs


  • We refurbish assets prior to donation to ensure high quality IT asset disposal
  • We donate on your behalf, as you are the reason that the IT equipment is given a second life
  • Collaboration with Close the Gap to ensure a sustainable impact on society


  • We provide complete transparency through final disposition
  • We keep you informed about the environmental impact throughout the entire process
  • We strive for a zero landfill impact

Data erasure

CTG circular implements a certified data wiping method designed to protect your data and assets. Our uniform standards and quality controls are in accordance with the GDPR and ensure consistent levels of service and security around the world.

We have been working with our reliable partner Blancco for over 20 years. Blancco offers efficient operational productivity through reduced labor costs, tailor-made reporting and process automation. Our solutions comply with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other legal standards. In addition to offering data removal for all IT materials, Blancco has over 20 years of experience in the ITAD industry. Our global presence allows us to offer more than just a data removal license.
We always try to establish a true partnership with our ITAD customers. We want to work with them towards a way to make their organisation more efficient in the long term.


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