One of the most important parts of ICT material is the data stored on it. Even after using it a short period of time, a large amount of data can be stored on any electronic device. Before IT equipment can be safely labeled for re-use, it is therefore very important that all the data is removed securely and transparently.
How to properly erase data
Of course, you could always try erasing data yourself before selling or handing over ICT equipment for re-use or recycling. However, what you can do yourself is never as thorough or secure as erasing data with a certified software. How to access such software to ensure that your data will not fall in the wrong hands? By letting CTG Circular take care of all your electronic devices, whether it’s enterprise equipment, tablets, or laptops.
CTG Circular implements a certified data wiping method designed to protect your data and assets. Our uniform standards and quality controls are in accordance with the GDPR and ensure consistent levels of service and security around the world.
We have been working with our reliable partner Blancco for over 20 years to professionally wipe data on electronic equipment. Blancco offers efficient operational productivity through reduced labor costs, tailor-made reporting and process automation. Their solutions comply with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other legal standards. In addition to offering data removal for all IT materials, Blancco has over 20 years of experience in the ITAD industry. Their global presence allows them to offer more than just a data removal license.
We always try to establish a true partnership with partners, clients and customers. We want to work with them towards a way to make their organisation more efficient in the long term. And that also includes offering you the security that your data his handled with care and wiped according to international standards.

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