Every day, we process around 400 to 500 ICT devices in our CTG Circular warehouse in Mechelen, Belgium. We have a long track record in the IT Asset Disposition business and that leads to some very interesting numbers, concerning for example IT material refurbished an CO2 emissions avoided. Since CTG Circular was born from the the acquisition from Arrow Value Recovery in the summer of 2019, a few interesting impact numbers can be observed.
Total assets collected
From September 2019 until September 2020, we collected a little over 128 000 IT assets, ranging from desktops, monitors, notebooks to servers, printers and mobility devices. This means that we collected over 700 000kg of IT equipment!
Percentage Re-use (71%) and recycle (29%)
Of course we would like to be able to refurbish all the ICT material that enters our warehouse. However, sometimes there is irreparable damage to the devices or they are too old to be offered for reuse. If that is the case, we make sure the equipment is professionally recycled through external partners. Of all the material we received the past year, we were able to refurbish 71%. Only 29% was not suitable for qualitative reuse and had to be recycled.
Did you know that prolonged use of a laptop for four years results in a CO2 emission reduction of 109kg (compared to the commissioning of a completely new laptop)? When looking at recycling, we see that we ‘win’ 19kgs of CO2 for every recycled laptop.
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