E-waste is becoming a more and more tangible problem in today’s world. According to the World Economic Forum, “each year, the total amount of electric and electronic equipment the world uses grows by 2.5 million tonnes. Phones, radios, toys, laptops – if it has a power or battery supply it’s likely to join a growing mountain of “e-waste” after use. In 2019 alone, the world generated 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste.”
As an long-standing player in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) field, CTG Circular is one of the organisations that wants to contribute to a solution to this ever-growing problem. Find out below how we play our part in this.
What is e-waste and how is it treated in the world?
The World Economic Forum describes e-waste as “the world’s fastest growing domestic waste stream, fuelled mainly by more people buying electronic products with shorter life cycles and fewer options for repair.” But why is e-waste such a large problem? The answer is simple, because “once they’re obsolete and discarded, these products can end up accumulating in the environment, polluting habitats and harming people and wildlife.”
That’s why it’s so important to address this problem as best as we can. On the one hand, it’s important that proper recycling takes care of the large amount of e-waste. On the other hand, it is equally important to bring the circular economic aspect into the solution: repairing and refurbishing electronic devices to give them a second life and avoid them being added to the e-waste pile.
And that’s where CTG Circular comes in as an experienced ITAD player. Before IT devices can turn into e-waste that needs to be recycled, we refurbish the equipment into well-functioning material that is ready to live a valuable second life, which reduces the amount of e-waste. At CTG circular we believe in doing the right thing by society and the environment. We want to be a forerunner in the circular way of organizing society.
And that’s where you can enter the picture! Together with you, we can look at the best solution for your company and its IT material. Because even if you don’t use the equipment anymore, doesn’t mean there is no hidden value left! Contact us today to see what we can do for you: www.ctgcircular.com/contact or info@ctgcircular.com or give us a call +003215287930

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