Since March 2020, the Coronavirus has been present worldwide, causing major disruptions in how people live their everyday life. As you might have heard..
Besides the many negative consequences, the COVID-19 pandemic might also bring about new chances and opportunities. One among them is a global shift towards a gradually more pronounced circular thinking. According to, people across the world have expressed an increased interest in refurbished devices such as laptops, keyboards and computers, both due to more people working from home and the feeling caused by the crisis situation that things cannot be taken for granted anymore.
Of course, we at CTG Circular are more than convinced that the circular way of thinking is the most natural way of organising society. As a longstanding refurbisher of IT material, we can only encourage the gradual shift of people buying more refurbished devices instead of new ones.

Will the world embrace refurbished devices?

With a much higher demand for IT devices due to the pandemic, a number of manufacturers have started looking in other directions to supply to the existing need. That’s where refurbished devices and the circular mindset come into play. At CTG Circular, we have been refurbishing everything from computers, tablets and network devices for the past 20 years. This refurbishing entails complete erasure of data, so that no data is likely to fall in the wrong hands, any repairs where needed and if desired the installation of software such as Microsoft Office.
By refurbishing devices, the equipment is ready to live a second lifetime, which could span multiple years of good working condition. This circular way of thinking – the reuse of equipment instead of buying new devices – is much more viable for the environment in both the short and the long run.
However, as remarks, “in a world that generates about 50 million tons of electric and electronic waste annually — roughly equivalent to discarding 1,000 laptops every single second, opting for refurbished goods is still relatively uncommon.” Even with the surge for other solutions caused by the pandemic, a global shift in mindset to fully commit to refurbished devices is still not complete. But the first step is definitely taken towards a more environmentally friendly and thus circular way of handling electronics.
And at CTG Circular we do everything that we can to help this evolution towards the circular economy along. And what about you? Do you also want a sustainable solution for your company’s IT hardware? Contact us today to see what we could do for you:, or 003215287930

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