One of the most relevant topics today is CO2. CO2 emissions are strongly related to energy consumption and have a negative effect on the climate. Many governments, companies and people therefore try to limit their CO2 emissions or to off-set the CO2 they do generate. But what is the effect of the production and our use of electronic devices? How many CO2 is emitted when a laptop is produced and how many CO2 emissions can you avoid by properly refurbishing a laptops and using this instead of every time buying a new one? An answer to these questions will be provided in the article below.
Fact #1 – Reuse is more advantageous than recycling
Did you know that prolonged use of a laptop for four years results in a CO2 emission reduction of 109kg (compared to the commissioning of a completely new laptop)? When looking at recycling, we see that we ‘win’ 19kgs of CO2 for every recycled laptop.
Photo credit: Louis Lammertyn
Fact #2 – Circular economic thinking is the way to go
At CTG Circular, we want to do the right thing by society and the environment. Because we strongly believe circular thinking is the more natural way of organizing society. CTG circular is an impact business delivering circular solutions to help your business reduce its societal and environmental footprint. The way we treat resources and materials is crucial. That is why we look for sustainable solutions for all your IT equipment. Circular thinking is all about reusing materials so that we don’t have to generate new ones, which is very costly to the environment.
Fact  #3 – It takes 1.9 kg of resources like aluminum, gold and cobalt that need to be extracted and processed to make 1 new phone
Private mobile phones contribute to a large share of today’s e-waste (up to 8 million unused mobile phones can be found in Belgian and Dutch households). Of these old phones, more than 70% of the resources such as aluminum, gold and cobalt can be recycled. It takes 1.9 kg of resources like aluminum, gold and cobalt that need to be extracted and processed to make 1 new phone. Through recycling, these mineral resources can be conserved. An even better solution is through CTG Circular, as we also collect and refurbish mobile phones, entering them in the circularity of a second valuable lifetime.
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